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07/15/2014     HiCOPTERS In Detail
Want to know more about the Jeti HiCOPTERS? Check out this great review on!

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07/15/2014     New From Jeti – MSpeed 450 EX Sensor
Jeti Telemetry MSpeed 450 EX sensor uses dynamic pressure to measure the true airspeed of your model. Dynamic pressure is measured, using a pitot tube, by finding the difference in ram air pressure and static air pressure. The MSpeed 450 EX allows you to set both a low speed alarm and a high speed alarm.

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jeti-mspeed-450n jeti-mspeed-4502n jeti-mspeed-4503n
07/07/2014     Where In The World Is Peter Vogel?
Let’s take a trip to Davis, CA. Here Team Pilot Peter Vogel attended the Woodland/Davis Pattern Spectacular contest (June 21st and 22nd). A turnout of 20 pilots competed in various classes including Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, MP-15, and FAI (P15 & F15) with our very own team pilot walking away with Second place (intermediate)! Daniel Lipton (a recent Jeti convert) placed third. Congrats to all the winners at the Woodland/Davis Pattern Spectacular!

Peter Vogel
07/02/2014     New From Jeti USA: DS-14 Basic
The new Jeti DS-14 Basic transmitter allows you to create system that only includes what you actually need, but one that also gives you the opportunity for future expansion. For the first time Jeti’s DS-14, State-of-the-art transmitter lets you customize its software and features. Now, you only pay for features that you will actually use. Save up front on a cutting edge radio system, but keep your options open for when your needs change.

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jeti-ds-14-basic2n jeti-ds-14-basic3n jeti-ds-14-basicn
06/25/2014     Jeti Pilot David Soufer Shows Off His New Bandit
Take a look at this beauty. Jeti USA Team member David Soufer shows off his new Bandit MKII equipped with Jeti Mspeed Sensor, CB200, 3 R3/RSW receivers and of course a Demon Cortex Gyro. This jet is powered by a Jets Munt 140X (capable of 32 lbs of thrust) and all HV servos. Nice looking Jet David!

EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014
06/24/2014     Road Trip!
It’s that time again; time to hit the open road. Destination – Cape Giradeau, MO. Come see us, we will be arriving June 25th and hanging out through the weekend. This is a show you won’t want to miss. See you there!

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06/23/2014     Jeti USA Is Now On Amazon
We are happy to announce our Jeti USA Amazon Store. Take a look!

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06/14/2014     Jeti Team Member Event Recap
You may have caught a glimpse of Jeti USA Team Pilot Peter Vogel if you attended the Intermediate Victorville, CA Pattern Contest. Peter reports there to be a total of 22 pilots in attendance. We are proud to announce that our very own walked away with 3rd place! Way to go to everyone that participated! Take a look at the score board.

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06/06/2014     How To Make Your Jeti Tx A Virtual Caller
Check out this video by Team Pilot Peter Vogel on how to make your Jeti Transmitter a virtual caller using Firmware 3.0 Trim RstOn Capability.

06/04/2014     Wireless Trainer Setup
Check out this new video from Team Pilot Peter Vogel.

06/04/2014     EDF Jet Jam 2014
Thanks To Bob Belluomini for these great pictures! We are glad to hear that the event was a flying success!

EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014 EDF Jet Jam 2014
05/29/2014     Joe Grice Goes Jeti
Joe Grice, a renowned modeler and builder converts his Me163 Komet to the Jeti System. His Me163 is equipped with the Central Box 200, two R3 receivers, and an MSpeed Telemetry Sensor. It is powered by an AMT Netherlands Olympus Turbine Engine. Joe Grice made the transition a few short months ago, and since then has become quite versed in Jeti programming. Along with Joe, many of his friends have also converted their aircraft to Jeti and will often get together for flying or programming sessions. Thanks Joe for being active in the hobby society!

Joe Grice
05/29/2014     Jeti Central Box Update is Out
This update brings additional options for digital inputs and outputs to the Central Box 200. Now you can simply control your LED lights using the Central Box only. The Central Box can function as an EX Bus expander so you can join several Central Boxes together and you'll have perfect signal distribution and control redundancy in a model.

The 1.20 firmware version for the Central Box 200 adds a digital interface function to the existing settings for the output pins. Individual Central Box 200 outputs can now be configured as one of the three modes; classical servo output, digital output or digital input. In the digital output mode, only the logical level 1 or 0 is generated on the port configured this way. The value of this output is reflecting the assigned output channel and its level. If the servo position of the specified receiver channel is lower than 0%, i.e. 1.5ms (the decision limit point can be set by the user using the „Trigger“ parameter), the output is set to permanent log. 0 (i.e. 0V). If the servo position is higher than 0%, log. 1 (i.e. 3.3V) will be generated on the pin. In the digital output mode, no control servo pulses are generated for that particular pin.

The Central Box with the new firmware can also function as an EX Bus Expander. This function can be activated on the Ext1, Ext2 and Ext3 outputs and this will function even if the Central Box is controlled by the PPM signal (Rx1 and Rx2 input). The Central Box transforms the servo positions from the PPM signal to the EX Bus. The Central Box can detect any sensor that can communicate in EX Bus mode and starts the communication with the sensor automatically using EX Bus protocol.

05/20/2014     New Training Video from Our Jeti Pilot Peter Vogel
In response to a customer’s question, Jeti Pilot Peter Vogel made this How-To Video. Check it out. It covers the topic of Jeti Radio programming -- Logical switches to enter flight modes automatically. Ideal for Snap and Spin setup.

05/14/2014     AUVSI Show A Must See!
Take a look at these shots from the AUVSI Show in Orlando, Florida.

photo IMG_0073 IMG_0454 IMG_1328 IMG_1575 IMG_1659 IMG_1799 IMG_2152 IMG_2441 IMG_2671 IMG_2805 IMG_3387 IMG_4092 IMG_4159 IMG_4418 IMG_4566 IMG_5139 IMG_5204 IMG_5480 IMG_6091 IMG_6234 IMG_6424 IMG_6916 IMG_6989 IMG_6989_2 IMG_7669 IMG_8032 IMG_8639 IMG_8991 IMG_9952
05/01/2014     Firmware Version 3.0 For Jeti Transmitters Now Available
Download the newest update for your Jeti Transmitter here. Includes many new feature updates such as Proportional Control Positions, Digital Trim Function Control, Telemetry Controls, and much more.

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telemetry-a telemetry-b telemetry-c
05/01/2014     New DS/DC-16 Manual Available
With constant feature updates on Jeti transmitters, an old manual just won’t cut it. We are proud to announce the release of the current manual. Download yours here! Covers Firmware Version 3.0.

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Jeti Manual
04/23/2014     Meet Richard Bohn
Richard Bohn has been flying pattern planes since the late 70’s. After nearly a 30 year hiatus he decided to return to the joyful art of RC aircraft in 2013. Still flying pattern, Rich entered into a competition in December 2013. There he won the Sportsman category. His recent win has inspired him to move forward in the competition world, trying his hand at Intermediate. 2014 has so far yielded Rich two competitions, a 1st and 3rd place trophy, and a goal. “I’m looking forward to mounting a winning regional/nation campaign this year!” declares Rich. Good luck Rich and welcome to Jeti USA!

Bohn Jeti Mug Shot
04/23/2014     DS-14 – It’s Official
We proudly announce the finalization of FCC Certification on the Jeti Duplex DS-14! We hope to start shipping as soon as next week. If you don’t already have yours, Pre-Order it now!

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jeti-ds-14n jeti-ds-142n jeti-ds-143n
04/22/2014     New Jeti Momentary Button Switch
It’s finally here! Check out this new momentary push button switch from Jeti! Now there are even more ways to customize your Jeti Transmitter. Available for Jeti DS and DC Transmitters.

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Momentary Button Switch
04/18/2014     Team Pilot David Soufer Shows It Off
Below is Team Pilot David Soufer pictured with his Ultra Bandit. This beauty is fully equipped with Jeti electronics and a Jetcat P300. David has chosen to run a Central Box 200 and three R3 receivers, one being used as a remote switch. In the future, David plans to add an MSpeed EX sensor and control the flaps via the new 3.0 Transmitter software.

Pilot David Soufer
04/18/2014     Demon Meet Joe
Jeti USA Pilot Joe Smith demonstrates the power of the BavarianDEMON Cortex stabilization system. Check it out!

04/15/2014     Getting Low With Joe Smith At SEFF 2014
See what Jeti Team Pilot Joe Smith does in his free time!

04/14/2014     Meet Josh Brannon
Not everyone starts off in the RC World. Josh Brannon did not. Josh was exposed to aviation during his time in the Marine Corps. With working with Helicopters and Tilt-Rotors as a mechanic, supervisor, Quality Assurance, and a maintenance controller, for ten years, his passion for the hobby grew. In 2012 Josh started RC Flight with a Raptor 30 Nitro Helicopter. Soon after he ventured into electric powered Helis and has not looked back. Flying is not all Josh enjoys. " I enjoy flying my models, but I enjoy building and working on them just as much", he states. Being in the full scale helicopter industry for nearly 18 years, Josh enjoys bringing his expertise into his love of the RC hobby.

You can find Brannon flying at E-Week, Frosty Dog Fun-Fly, IRCHA, Joe Nall, and Heli Extravaganza. We look forward to seeing you on the field. Welcome to Jeti USA!

Josh Brannon 3
04/14/2014     Meet Jeff "Moose" Maruschek
Growing up around airplanes, both full scale and models, Jeff "aka Moose" has always had that inkling inside that would eventually lead him to pick up a model of his own. “I was infused with airplanes from my grandfather, who not only built his own full scale planes, but continued into his later years building rubber band powered stick and tissue models. These were the toys I looked forward to when visiting Grandma and Grandpa. As an adult, I picked up an RC airplane and never looked back." States Jeff.

Jeff has been flying RC aircraft for the past 6 years. Recently being named to Team 3D Hobby Shop, and now joining us on Team Jeti USA, Jeff is looking forward to attending his many regular events with his aerobatic planes, warbirds, wings, jets, and of course his Jeti DS-14. He is always helpful, always laughing, and always looking to learn more. We look forward to seeing you at the shows and flying alongside you!

You can catch Moose at these upcoming 2014 events:

Joe Nall
New Jersey FLI
Knoxville FLI
RCEFF (Randy Covington Electric Fun Fly)

Jeff Maruschek (2)

Jeff Maruschek (1)

Jeff Maruschek (3)
04/07/2014     Weak Signals Coverage: Jeti USA
We bring you to Danny at the Weak Signals show in Toledo, Ohio.

04/07/2014     Jeti and Bavarian Demon Team
This is what our team looks like after a long hard day’s work in Toledo!

04/04/2014     Jeti Pilots Hard At Work
Jeti pilot Peter Vogel made sure he snapped a few images last weekend at the Pattern contest in Oakdale, CA. Way to go Peter on moving up to intermediate level competition! In-addition to some fun flying, peter was able to debut his iPod-Touch based scribe system for the judges. This system allows judges to score flights with-out ever taking their eyes off the plane!

Jeti Pilots Hard At Work 1

Jeti Pilots Hard At Work 2  
03/31/2014     Lifting Up The Stars!
Take a look at this picture of the life sized hexa-copter - the Volantis, also known as Lady Gaga’s Flying Dress. Composed of 12 motors and ESC’s, 24 batteries, a DJI controller and of course, Jeti Electronics, this multi lifted Lady Gaga 70 inches inside the building at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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Full Size Multi
03/28/2014     Jeti Equipped Jets
Jeti USA Pilot Jim McEwen shares with us his BVM Rafale which is equipped with a Jeti radio system including a Central Box 200, two R3 receivers, GPS, Vario, MUI-30 sensors, and a Cortex gyro. He will be competing with this plane in ScaleMasters and at the US Team selection for the 2015 Jet World Masters, so don't miss your chance to see this beautiful jet!

Jim McEven Jim McEven Jim McEven
03/28/2014     We Have Grown!
Welcome to our newest member of the family; our Baby Sprinter!

03/28/2014     Jeti Update: Version 3.20 for R3/RSW, R4US, R5US, R6US, R7-9-11US, R14-18US Receivers
The firmware version 3.20 for Duplex EX receivers brings several new features especially for output pins settings. One of them gives the ability to set the digital interface so that it is possible to set serial communication for control of servo channels on one of the outputs of the receivers, while at the same time generating standard servo outputs for connected servos. This setting is especially advantageous in copter models where a serial interface is used for communication between the receiver and the stabilization system that controls the model.

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Jeti Firmware 3.20 Jeti Firmware 3.20 Jeti Firmware 3.20
03/25/2014     It’s Kind of A Big Deal…
The New 87" Extra from 3DSH, set up with a Jeti system to boot! Take a look at these awesome pictures.

87'' Extra from 3DSH 87'' Extra from 3DSH 87'' Extra from 3DSH 87'' Extra from 3DSH
03/13/2014     Blast Off To Florida Jets – And We Did!
The guys are back from a great weekend at the Florida Jets Show in Lakeland Florida. It was an amazing show and we want to thank Frank Tiano and the guys at the Paradise Field for having us. For those of you that came out to check us out we want to say thank you and it was great to meet you. Here are some pictures for those who couldn’t make it. Hope to see you next year!

Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014 Blast Of Florida 2014
02/28/2014     2014 WRAM Show
Take a look at these pictures of the 2014 WRAM Show. Much fun was had by all, and we can’t wait to do it next year! For more photos, check out our Facebook page!

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Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014 Wram 2014
02/15/2014     Price Increase On Jeti Transmitters Coming Soon
Get Your Jeti Transmitter Before The Price Goes Up!

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jeti-ds-14njeti-dc-162n jeti-ds-162n
02/13/2014     Jeti In Japan
We want to thank Sugimoto for these beautiful pictures of his gliders. He is flying Let Model gliders using a Jeti DC-16 and system. Take a look.

Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan Jeti in Japan
02/05/2014     Meet “Oat”
Husakul Suvunnapaph, better known as "Oat" to hobby enthusiasts, needs no introduction. His work with Insane Canopy is only one of Oats great talents. Starting in the realm of fixed wing aircraft, oat began flying. His first airplane was a Hobby Shack Trainer 40. After three years of advancing in the fixed wing world, Oat had an itch for something new. After being introduced to Helicopters there was no going back for Oat, he found his love. Getting started on a 50 size Nitro Heli fifteen years ago, Oat now flys Kasama Helicopters. "I dropped all my other hobbies including nitro on road 1/8 RC cars, fixed wing, and go karts so I can fly helis most of the weekend," Says Oat. When he is not flying, he is busy with Insane Canopy, a company that specializes in customized canopy designs. Thanks for going our team Oat! Can’t wait to see you on the field.

02/04/2014     Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014
This weekend thousands of trade visitors from all over the world, including Jeti Model, met in Nurnberg, Germany, excited to announce several new product releases. Take a look below to see what they brought!

Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 Jeti Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014
02/02/2014     Jeti’s New Toys
Take a look at this Press Release to see what Jeti announced for new products at the Nurnberg Toy Fair in Germany!

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Jeti Press Release 01-14
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